Information and Communications/Consumer Electronics and Appliances

Supporting Cutting Edge Technology for the Future

In the fields of information and communications, and consumer electronics and appliances, where dramatic advances have been made in developing technology and shortening product cycles, it is more necessary than ever to maintain and support leading technology for a competitive edge. As a central player in the fields of information, consumer electronics, and information and communication devices including semiconductors, Chuo Engineering takes advantage of the latest technology to respond to the needs of our customers in the design and development of hardware, software and machinery.

Staffing Solutions

We provide engineering services from electrical and electronic circuit design for semiconductors, communications devices, information and consumer electronics and aerospace applications, to software design and housing design solutions.

We offer services from LSI and FPGA specification reviews to detailed design, installation design and assessment. We also provide design and development for hardware and firmware using DSP.

We offer technology such as high-frequency, power, audio, sensor, filter, amplification and oscillation circuits.

We offer technology for information and communications systems including board designs mixing digital and analog circuits, and jig boards for inspection, verification and assessment.

We provide housing design for information and communication devices, plastic mold design for consumer electronics and appliances, and assessment technology.

We provide services that range from creating assessment and specification documentation to actual assessments for all types of systems including boards and components.

Contract Work

Chuo Engineering is engaged in collective hardware, software and system design and development projects. We have worked and continue to work on many types of design including analog/digital circuit designs for information and communication devices, information and consumer electronic devices and aerospace devices, in addition to DSP peripheral circuit, firmware, board, FPGA and housing design. We also perform contract work in these areas, carrying out assessment, verification and documentation creation.

We are experienced in communication device circuits that use optical fiber or metal circuits for transmission paths, as well as experience in board design and system assessment.

We have design experience with 19-inch racks, sub-racks and plug-in units for communication devices.

Using DSP, we have experience in designing communication modules that use metal circuits.

We are experienced in mold and housing design for communications terminals.

We have design experience with systems that automatically test boards.

We have experience not only in interphone systems equipped with home security functions but also circuit design solutions.

We are experienced in designing CPU boards with expanded performance using the BeagleBoard as a base.

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