Compliance Policy

Our company recognizes that to fulfill its social responsibilities in daily activities leads directly to improving corporate value, and we strictly adhere to the policy below.

1. Compliance Code of Conduct

  1. In addition to this policy, we shall strictly adhere to relevant laws and regulations as well as internal regulations, and act from customers' point of view.
  2. We shall act so as to avoid customer misunderstandings, and we shall faithfully provide beneficial information.
  3. We shall have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, so that customers are assured and satisfied, and place trust in us.
  4. We shall maintain confidentiality both as corporate organization and as individuals.
  5. We shall reject unreasonable business practices and faithfully follow fair and transparent business practices.
  6. We shall always strive to provide the best and most appropriate technology.
  7. We shall build on our efforts on an ongoing and long-term basis so as to increase our corporate value and become a more appealing company.
  8. We shall respect the character of each individual and strive to create a healthy workplace.
  9. We shall be aware of our status as a member of society, and we shall endeavor to work as professionals and improve our technologies and abilities.
  10. We shall ensure fair handling of all records including financial records, according to relevant laws and regulations.
  11. We shall handle all company assets properly and appropriately.
  12. We shall respect the assets and rights of others to the fullest extent, and we shall not engage in any unauthorized use or infringement.
  13. We shall dedicate ourselves to acting according to laws, regulations and standards so as to avoid incurring any social distrust or suspicion.
  14. We shall strive to protect the social order and develop through social interaction.

2. Compliance Action Guidelines

  1. Sincere Customer Support
    We shall listen earnestly to our customers and provide prompt and ongoing support.
  2. Quality Improvement
    We shall strive to improve quality in order to provide the best output for our customers.
  3. Standard Entertainment and Gift Exchange for Patrons
    We shall keep to a standard level for business practices including entertainment and gift exchange for patrons and clients.
  4. Appropriate Information Management
    We recognize the importance of managing information and shall endeavor to control and manage all documentation and information appropriately.
  5. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights
    We shall respect all intellectual property rights, and pay careful attention to avoid violation of the said rights.
  6. Fulfilling Responsibilities and Work Performance
    We shall adhere to all external and internal laws and regulations, and we shall strive to take responsibility in the execution of our duties.
  7. Private and Public Distinction
    For corporate and daily activities, we shall make a clear distinction between public and private, and we shall not engage in activities against the interests of the company or in promotion of our own interests or those of a third party.
  8. Establishing a Healthy and Safe Workplace
    We shall maintain a healthy and safe working environment, adhere to internal rules and regulations, and strive to create an open workplace.
  9. Privacy Protection
    We shall respect the privacy of each individual, and pay careful attention to prevent invasion of said privacy.
  10. Harassment
    We shall engage in activities that respect individuals and not in those that discriminate, according to race, nationality, gender, age, family, lineage, belief or religion.
  11. Environmental Protection
    We shall adhere to environmental laws and regulations, and we shall dedicate ourselves to environmentally friendly approaches and business practices.
  12. Social Contribution
    We shall cooperate in realizing a better society as good corporate citizens.
  13. Fair Trade and Dealing
    We shall engage in trade and business practices that all business partners and customers can trust through fair market competition.
  14. Relationship with Anti-social Influences and Interests
    We shall resolutely oppose all parties who threaten the order and safety of civil society, and we shall not engage in any activities that promote or encourage said parties.
  15. Protection of Corporate Assets
    We shall handle all corporate assets that generate corporate value carefully and appropriately.
  16. Confidentiality
    We shall be aware of the importance of confidentiality concerning related industries, and we shall strictly control all confidential information so as to avoid any disclosure to outside parties (leaks).
  17. Efficiency Improvement
    We believe that improving efficiency is essential for corporate management and operations in all fields and work, and we shall promote not only originality, ingenuity and improvement, but the efficiency of our management and operations.
  18. Self-Improvement
    We shall always have the desire to improve and work to build character, and we shall strive for self-improvement in order to be able to adapt to social and environmental changes.
  19. Bold Attitude
    We shall value creativity, sensitivity and a humble attitude, and we shall take on bold challenges always with the intent of carving out an outstanding new age.
  20. Development of Compliance Activities
    We shall develop and engage in any activities necessary to inform, advise, assist and instruct related parties regarding internal rules, regulations and specific compliance requirements for ensuring corporate activities under this policy.
  21. Instruction and Oversight of Standards
    The officers shall instruct and oversee so that all employees in related departments adhere to this policy. In addition, those employees in management positions shall instruct and oversee so that all employees under their supervision adhere to this policy.
  22. Dealing with Standard Violations
    In the event of a standard violation, we recognize that the violating parties shall be subject to disciplinary action according to, relevant laws and regulations, both internal and external.
  23. Reports to Managers.
    There shall be reports on the plans, execution, performance, auditing and improvement status each year at the meeting presided over by the CEO, and this policy shall be revised and reflect any changes in the plans for the following year.

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