We have over 60 years of experience in aircraft development

Beginning with the design of jigs for aircrafts for the aviation industry in March of 1958 when we were founded and our business expanded to design and development of engines and airframes for both military and civil sectors now. We also take orders for the design and manufacturing of testing equipment, etc.


Analysis Examples

Case study 1

Topology Optimization for Next Generation Aircrafts Airframe Layout

We designed the futuristic and creature-imitated model aircraft with an unconventional airframe layout. The airframe layout of the model aircraft is based on the topology optimization considering the followings.

・Estimate the external load for the airframe structure.

・Determine the restraints and loading conditions in the topology optimization in reference with the bone structure of a sunfish.

・Conduct topology optimization applying the above conditions.

・Resultant aircraft model obtained from topology optimization was fabricated with thermoplastic 3D print.


Design & Manufacturing Examples

Case study 2

Fuel Cooling and Heating Devices for Engine Tests

Engines (gas turbines) of missile and aircraft require reliable initiation and stable function in any extreme environment. For example, there are tests at an extreme temperature at -50℃ / 80℃ to simulate severe temperature conditions.

It is necessary to control the surrounding temperature and the fuel temperature and pressure precisely in the above test. Fuel is near the freezing point at -50℃ and above the flash point at 80℃ and therefore, designing the device requires experience.

Chuo Engineering develops various test devices required for engine development.