Innovative Eco-friendly Next Generation Automobiles

We provide technical support for automobiles to be more eco-friendly and more comfortable, mitigating the impact on the environment. The automobile industry is an important manufacturing industry in Japan. We will train engineers who can handle further growth and advancement of the industry while continuing to support the industry through design and development.


Design and development case

Case study 1

Design, Development, Installation Consideration, Evaluation

We take part in projects at our customers’ R&D facilities.

We take part in engine compatibility tests, installation considerations, design/development of engine mounts and other peripheral components, and specification consideration/development of automobile bodies, and chassis.

Assembly Line Design for Automobile Assembly Plant

– We design conveyer, assembly, and welding equipment for automobile assembly lines.
– We make installation considerations for welding guns as well as layout designs for welding robots.
– We design conveyor equipment as well as assembly equipment.

Specification considerations for the above equipment.

Visual Inspection Systems

We develop visual inspection systems for equipment that tests for malfunctions in automobile equipment.

Primary Functions:

– Inspects anomalies in component mounting positions
– Inspects for any signs of inconsistent paint
– Sends inspection results to the host system

Design & Manufacturing Examples

Case study 2

Onboard Exhaust Sensor Testing Equipment

We designed and manufactured testing equipment for onboard exhaust sensors.

We substantially minimized the workload of human labor by fully automating the work with this equipment that utilizes all aspects of software, control, and machinery.