Chuo Engineering's Strengths.

Diverse technological expertise for cutting edge solutions
in design, development, analysis, and manufacturing

As your "BrainPartner",
we offer the technology that you require.



Reliable Technology with a Proven Track Record A Pioneer in the Mechanical Design Industry

We have been supporting the manufacturing industry in Japan for more than 60 years, since our founding in 1954. Our extensive experience has earned us the trust of our customers which has propelled us to a higher standard of technical expertise and service.

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    We strive to advance technology in
    an extensive range of fields

    Since the days of our establishment, we have a long history of designing and developing in aerospace engineering alongside other fields such as automobiles, industrial machinery, and information technology. We are presently making endeavors in the environmental sector and the medical technology sector as we continue to strive for the best technology available.

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    We're a business that actively solves problems

    The challenges in manufacturing are diverse. Each product demands its unique challenges. At Chuo Engineering, we provide the most appropriate offers for solutions by utilizing the knowledge and experience in design and development we have gained over the many years we have been in this business.

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    We are "Technological BrainPartner" for manufacturers

    Being "Technological BrainPartner" means to seeing eye to eye with our customers in order to provide reliable technology. We at Chuo Engineering support our customers' manufacturing endeavors by providing diverse technologies in all stages of manufacturing from conception, design, development, and analysis, all the way to production.



Streamlined from Design to Analysis to Manufacturing Comprehensive OneーStop Support

We have one-stop solution for you from conceptual design to prototype manufacturing.

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    We're involved in all stages of your project from its conception

    We're available to be involved in your project in the conceptual phase to offer optimal solutions to the challenges that our customers face. We also offer help and ideas to solve challenges and determine product concepts.

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    We design, develop, analyze, test, and evaluate using advanced technology

    We're not only capable of designing and development but also we are specialized in analyzing, testing and evaluatiing. We can provide a high quality of analysis using proprietary technology.

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    We can provide the actual manufacturing through prototype to testing equipment.

    Chuo Engineering designs and develops products and manufactures our design for you. We design prototypes for projects already in development, as well as manufacture testing equipment, and more. Our facilities are fully equipped with the equipment and tools necessary for research, development, and manufacturing.


Technical Scope

  • Design and Development

    We give support in all phases of the engineering process from the conceptual design to the detailed design for various products including production facilities and testing equipment.

  • Analysis, Evaluation & Testing

    We offer a wide range of services including CFD/CAE analysis, simulations such as optimization analysis and tests for product evaluation based on the test.

  • Manufacturing

    We handle orders not only for design, development, evaluation, and analysis, but also for manufacturing of products based on our wide-ranging manufacturing experience.



Striving for the creation of proprietary technology and products Empowering Development and Research

We started a specialized division in our company for analysis solutions and Additive Manufacturing solutions to enhance our proprietary technology which allows us to develop advanced manufacturing capability. We are also working to develop products through our Research and Development Center.

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    Analysis Solutions

    We provide a wide variety of services ranging from optimization analysis using AI to analysis in niche fields including granular materials, electromagnetic fields, and acoustics. Please contact us regarding CAE analysis of niche market needs and trends.

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    Additive Manufacturing Solutions

    We are able to respond to a variety of requests related to Additive Manufacturing (3D Metal Molding). With Chuo Engineering's best-in-Japan technology, we provide not only design but also everything from AM to manufacturing and testing.

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    Research & Development

    We established the "R&D Center," a research development facility for the creation of proprietary products and technology. We will strive to develop and manufacture original products for the future.


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