Industrial Machinery

Development of Low-cost Highly Functional Industrial Machinery

Development of Low-cost Highly Functional Industrial Machinery
We design and develop a diverse range of industrial machinery including machine tools, FA and robotics, transportation conveyors for aircraft and automobiles, various jigs and testing equipment, food processing equipment, and HVAC equipment.

Industrial Machinery

Design and production example

Case study 1

Design and Manufacturing of Fiber Coil Winding Machines

Fiber coil winding machines for fiber optic gyroscopes. *

Fiber tension accuracy and coil size/length accuracy are critical and primary functions of the device.
We offer routine inspection and calibration after delivery of the product.

*Fiber optic gyroscopes are devices that are used for attitude control in airplanes and rockets etc.

Design and development case

Case study 2

Design and Development of Overhead Conveyor Equipment and Warehouse Automation (Semiconductors)

We design and develop ceiling transport equipment for the transfer of semiconductor silicon wafters in automated warehouses and manufacturing plants within Japan and abroad.

We take a diverse range of requests to improve maintenance, economy and size efficiencies of the product.

We do our best to comply with the SEMI standard (the standard for semiconductor manufacturing equipment) to maintain quality cleanroom facilities.

Design and Development of Celing Carriers, Conveyor Belts, and Factory Automation (LCD Panels)

We design and develop ceiling carrier equipment and conveyors for transporting LCD panels in automated warehouses in Japan and abroad.


The equipment that handles LCD panels are now handling larger panels than before with panels like the 8.5 generation (2200mm x 2500mm) and the 10.5 generation (2940mm x 3370mm).


The size of carrier equipment tends to increase recently, it is now larger than a typical passenger car.


Therefore, we carefully conduct strength calculation for the safe operation of the equipment.


We also take extra care about the materials, mechanics, and specifications for the cleanroom facilities to keep the cleanliness.