Development of Rockets that Support Japan's Space Industry

We also work on satellite equipment and equipment for space stations with our primary work being in the design and development of domestic projects. We also support various tests and rocket launches.


Design and Development Case

Case study 1

Development of Liquid Rocket Engines

We have been involved in design of engine system/components for Japanese liquid rocket engine programs. Our experiences include, but not limited to, materials testing, technical drawings and preliminary design of engine system/components.

Liquid rocket engines have cryogenic liquid fuel with ultra-high temperature combustors and these are exposed to extreme heat, pressure and oscillations. In such extreme conditions, special metallic materials and manufacturing techniques need to be utilized to design the engine as light as possible. On top of that, we are required design skills and knowledge to cut down the cost to compete in the global market.

We have many experienced engineers under their belt that are developing new products every day.

New Core Rocket Engine AM(Additive Manufacturing) Development

We have applied AM (Additive Manufacturing) techniques to first -stage engines in the new rocket program to reduce cost and strengthen competitiveness in the global market.

We have diverse experience in AM manufacturing, including the selection of AM products, shape tests using DfAM (Design for AM), prototype modeling and recipe developments.

Design/Manufacturing/Test Cases

Case study 2

Soil Parameter Analysis

We gather data on the movement characteristics of particles for the creation of a multibody dynamic analysis model for single-axis positioning stages using soil such as Toyoura Sand which is typically used for low-gravity experiments.

– Measurements of soil drop tests
– Angle of repose
– Quantity of soil on a drop test on varying angles on an inclined plane

We conducted operations for the following:

1) Design and manufacturing (mechanism systems and measurements) for test apparatuses
2) Test data retrieval for the angle of repose and inclined planes

Test results are then correlated to the analysis results of our analysis department.

Additive Manufacturing Solution Examples

Case study 3

Test Specimen for Liquid Air Cycle Engines

We manufactured a heat exchanger with AM which is used as a test specimen for liquid air cycle engines.

We engineered more surface area and added several fins to the channels to increase heat exchange efficiency. AM allows engineers to complex shape designs which were previously unmanufacturable and therefore we are asked to maximize the benefits and characteristics of AM for better designs.