To Develop Next-Generation Automobiles

A bright and accessible future is not possible without resolving the extremely important problems in our global environment that arise when discussing the future.
We have cooperated in the development of more environmentally friendly and comfortable automobiles, a product with a serious environmental impact.
The automotive industry is an important field in Japanese manufacturing. Chuo Engineering cultivates and trains engineers able to respond to advances and development in this industry, and we will continue to pursue partnerships in design and development.

Staffing Solutions

Chuo Engineering has provided on-site internal customer support for various automotive and related manufacturers, and has been involved in every type of component design, testing evaluation, strength analysis and software development project.
Some examples of the technology we provide are presented below.

We provide engine specification review and design services, as well as design and development for peripheral components such as the engine mount. We also provide installation review and engine compatibility assessment and testing.

We design and develop MT, AT, CVT, HV motors, transmissions and components. We also perform transmission compatibility assessment and testing.

We design and develop the mechanisms on slide doors and rear seats.
We also conduct forklift frame strength analysis.

We develop car navigation software, along with software to create car navigation map data.

We design and develop ECUs, in addition to designing ECU board patterns.
We also perform ECU assessment and testing.

Along with customizing and creating libraries, we offer CATIA design support and CATIA V5 operation training.

Contract Work

Chuo Engineering has accepted batch contracts from various automotive and related manufacturers, and forged design partnerships internally and in our contracting areas. Some examples of our contracting experience are presented below.

Development of sample tools for creating CATIA resin die models.

We are able to safely store batteries for DC power during assessment and testing, measure the current levels and perform battery level checks.

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