Industrial Machinery

Contributing to Industrial Development

The field of industrial machinery covers a variety of products, which means that Chuo Engineering works on the design and development of a diverse selection of industrial machinery including machine tools, printing machinery, FA- and robot-related equipment, aircraft and automotive conveyor equipment lines, all types of jigs and testing equipment, food machinery and cooling devices. We take advantage of technology drawing on a wealth of experience and a variety of fields to give shape to the vision of our customers, for total support from conceptual design to manufacturing solutions.

Staffing Solutions

We offer the technology required for product research and development, and for the design of various devices and equipment.

We develop and design the specialized machinery necessary in LCD panel production processing, and provide design support for peripheral devices and equipment.

We design and develop distribution equipment essential for shipping storage, such as conveyors and stacker cranes.

We design manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and electronic components. Our equipment development and design process cover material sourcing and integration through to the completion stage.

We provide design assistance for equipment to process drinking water and ultra-pure water, and to treat and clean industrial by-products.

Contract Work

We go beyond meeting the required specifications and functions, and set our sights on realizing high-performance, low-cost designs. We also provide design and manufacturing support for machinery and coherent control systems. Please contact us for a consultation.

We design storage and conveyor (line) equipment for LCD substrates and silicon wafers. We offer different types of conveyors and carriers to handle everything from large LCDs exceeding 2 m2 down to 300 mm silicon wafers.

This attitude control testing equipment simulates the triple axis attitude control for compact satellites used in space. Every aspect of satellite attitude can be controlled in a three-dimensional space, with an external triple axis control signal from the console table or the connectors.

We offer solutions from concept to design for production lines making use of robots, such as weld lines, glass and internal assembly and installation, and fastening processes. We even offer simulations of robotic operation to aid in the consideration of different configurations.

This system is used in winding optical fiber coils for FOG. For a winding method that takes the impact on FOG quality into consideration, this high-quality optical fiber production system maintains constant tension using a torque motor and bearing resistance control design. The system also adopts traverse precision to allow for an array of tight turns (honeycomb configuration) to minimize misalignment.

This unit features a 5-axis robot that holds a spray gun on the "wrist" axis and a 3-axis work supply device that rotates the work piece as necessary.

This fuel pump performance testing equipment is used with aircrafts.
We provide support for a variety of fuel pump mounting setups.

For semiconductor and optical equipment, we perform design and test production for the equipment, jigs and tools necessary for submicron- to micron-level precision.

We design electrical instrumentation for by-product processing and wastewater recycling equipment.

Our management systems control manufacturing and assembly equipment, featuring machine models equipped with Ethernet for production commands from the line host (plant), using two-dimensional code.
In addition to LCD conveyor (line) equipment, we are experienced in LCD manufacturing and semiconductor cleaning equipment.

We design control and operation panels for testing equipment and all types of machinery. Our designs take operability and visibility into consideration.

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