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With a long history as a co-developer working alongside major manufacturers, we draw from our development experience in all types of systems for integrated and IT solutions. We ensure an accurate understanding of the specifications required by our customers, and then dedicate ourselves to developing high-quality software and system architecture, meeting each of our customers' needs.

Staffing Solutions - Integrated Solutions

We offer a wide range of design and development support in each field with various integrated product applications, middleware and drivers.

Figure : Integrated Products

We develop all types of instrumentation control programs and 2D graphics processors, and offer automotive device technology that advances on a daily basis.

For terminal development manufacturers, we offer application design and development such as device drivers, middleware and wallpaper for smartphones and 3G mobile devices.

We offer firmware and DSP firmware design and development for all types of device monitoring control supporting network infrastructure.

We offer integrated software design and development for all types of OA devices, including printers and digital cameras.

Staffing Solutions - IT Solutions

We offer IT solutions with work system application development and system architecture, and provide support to improve the daily work efficiency of our customers.

We offer all types of solutions such as production schedule management systems to manage each manufacturing process, and automatically calculate the best production schedule, in addition to developing software for improved production efficiency and automatic control of testing equipment such as measuring instruments.

For traffic surveillance systems, we offer technology supporting community and public infrastructures including server application development to collect data and control different sites and locations.

We offer software development technology for assessment and testing of automotive electronic products such as AVMs (AroundViewMonitor) and ECUs, and for the creation of mapping data for car navigation systems, among other applications.

We develop software for such applications as the collection and management of X-ray imaging data.

Contract Work - Integrated Solutions

We are involved in software development in a variety of fields. We equip our customers with systems to meet their needs and specifications.

We are experienced in DSP firmware development for constant storage of optical output power through PID control.

DSP PID Control

DSP Firmware for Signal Processing such as Waveform Shaping for Baseband Transmission Paths(See Information and Communications/Consumer Electronics and Appliances.)

Link to Information and Communications/Consumer Electronics and Appliances.

We are experienced in DSP firmware development using DSP to recreate or restore signal waveforms distorted due to long transmission distances, to a form close to the original.

DSP Digital Filters

We have experience in developing firmware to collect internal transmission device warnings and status data, and send them to an external device monitoring system.

VxWorks Firmware

We have experience in developing tools to update firmware integrated into a device, via a special adapter.

No OS Flash Memory Control

Contract Work - IT Solutions

Our work support systems back up the work of our customers through the development of systems such as work support software, database applications and web applications.

Win/DB/Web Work Support

Using IC tags, these systems provide surveillance, monitor movement, along with entrance and exit areas, and keep records of the data.

Win/Web Security

This system performs signal input and output, and simulates the presence of peripheral devices connected to the hardware on the computer. Customers can make use of this in hardware and software development.

Win Applications Hardware Simulation

We offer web ordering systems and web monitoring system development. We also provide web application setup and launch support.

Web Applications Order/Monitoring

These applications allow large amounts of data to be processed quickly while conserving memory, along with checking validity for the data and files created.

UNIX Applications Data Processing

We develop production schedule management systems to manage all manufacturing processes, and automatically calculate the optimal production schedule.

Win Applications Schedule Creation

For traffic surveillance systems, we develop server applications to collect data and control different sites and locations.

Win Server Applications Device Surveillance Control

We develop software to automatically control testing equipment such as measuring instruments, and improve production efficiency.

Win Applications ARINC/GP-IB

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