CEO Message

Since Chuo Engineering was founded in 1954, we were able to develop our business through a contracting business for machinery and equipment design. We deeply thanks that it is entirely our customer's cooperation.

Under our 3 slogans "Create/Challenge/trust" as our fundamental business policy, we have built a reputation among our customers for high quality and reliability.
As a manufacturing and engineering partner, we achieved this by harnessing the unique and limitless power of creativity.

Our engineers are currently involved in the design of cutting edge technology in various fields including industrial machinery, automobiles, information and communications, household electronics and appliances, with our main business in the field of aerospace. Our engineers strives in their work, devoting themselves every day to develop and research hard in order to help our customers.

New technology in the industrial world continues to innovate faster and faster, which promotes global development in the world.

Chuo Engineering aims to seize every opportunity to promote technology innovation. In addition, we believe that each employee is an asset which must be cultivated and trained so that each can improve their technical skills and capabilities. Our ultimate mission is to provide flexible support and be actively engaged to meet the needs of our customers.

Aiming to reach the centennial anniversary of our founding, we shall continue to challenge ourselves and bring up more skillful engineers in order to play our roles and responsibilities as an engineering partner for our customers in the future as well.

CEO and President
Yoshihiro Saita

Figure : Corporate Policy Create Challenge Trust

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